Saturday, August 27, 2011

quilt as you go...hexagon table runner

Hello everyone, I have finally got my tutorial together for my quilt as you go hexagon table runner. Whew! And I am warning you know, my quilting skills have taken a dive this past week or so :( LOL (so just ignore the quilting)

 I made three more hexagon flowers out of 4" squares. And sewed them together on the sewing machine. Then I turned under the edges 1/4" and sewed it down. (If you prefer to applique, then don't sew the edges under 1/4")

Next I cut three 14" squares. Laid my ruler on the side, 4" in on the bottom, and 7" up the side, and cut.

Turn the ruler and do the other bottom side.

Flip the whole thing, so the top is on the bottom. And cut as above.

Take four 8.5"x  9" rectangles. Lay them so that the 9" go out to the side. Lay your ruler so the edge is at the bottom left corner, and the 30 degree angle on the ruler is along the left edge of fabric. Cut.

Cut at a 30 degree angle from the bottom right corner also.

Take one triangle, lay if right sides together with a side of the hexagon. Making sure the tips of the triangle, go past the edges of the hex a little bit.

Place two triangles on another hexagon, on opposite sides of each other.

And sew the last one on the last hexagon.

Cut backing and batting at 18"x 46". Fold in half both ways, and finger press to find the middle. (you can use a ruler and pencil too, if you want)

Lay hexagon two in the very center and pin it down. (watching where you put the triangles)

Lay hexagon three on the right side, right sides together. Making sure that the tip of the triangle hangs off the edge of the bottom hexagon about 1//4". Pin and sew with a 1/4" seam.

To get those inner seams to meet just right. I fold back the top piece along the 1/4" mark, before I sew, and make sure those two seams are going to intersect on that 1/4" line. Then put a pin in it.

Open it up and place the hexagon one on the left. Right sides together. Pin and sew like before.

Now cut four 1.5"x 11" strips  and two 1.5"x36" ( I already had these strips at 1.5", so didn't want to cut any other ones (yes, being lazy. lol) but you can easily put 2" strips on instead.)

Add the 11" long strips to the ends. Place one, right sides together, making sure they go over the ends of the hexagon. Pin and sew.

Open it up. You can iron if you want, or just finger press it. Place another on the other side, making sure that the corner goes past the green strip. Pin and sew.

Do the same thing for the other end.

Place your long strip, right sides together, making sure to go over the green end strip. Pin and sew.

Do both long sides.

Place your flowers in the center of the hexagons. Either quilt them down or applique them.

Lay your ruler along the end pieces and cut off extra batting/backing. Doing that all the way around. Cutting your ends first. Then the sides.

Quilt as much or as little as you want.

Add the binding, and your done :)

I hope you've enjoy my little tutorial.

Have a great day!

And thanks for stopping by

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Carol said...

Oh Dorian, what a BEAUTIFUL table runner! Thanks for the tutorial!