Saturday, March 28, 2009

Our Round Robin

If you haven't been to the and see our albums of the ongoing Round Robin, you're missing some beautiful beginnings. Rounds robins are so much fun to do. You get to see your friends work, you stretch your imagination in finding just the right material and patterns, and sometimes you have to step outside your box and buy fabrics for a medallion, that you wouldn't of thought of buying before. But that's part of the fun.

Here is a link to the albums:

This is for group #1.

Here is for group #2

And group #3

For some people, they love to look at the albums and see what border the next person on her list has added to her medallion. For me, the anticipation of seeing my Round Robin complete, without seeing it in it's different stages, is part of the fun of these. So I am NOT going to's going to be hard though... As we all discuss this project here:

And when your friends are oohing and aahhing over a new border (while still keeping it secret), it gets really hard not to look.

They are many different ways you can do Round Robins. You can make them in all sizes too. I have chosen to make ours a nice wall hanging size. That is why there are three groups. So that our quilts don't get too big. We started off with a medallion that was between 10.5 inches and 12.5 inches. Then send it to the next person on our list, and they put a border on it that is between 3.5 inches and 4.5 inches.

We are all having so much fun doing these, that I'm sure it's going to be an ongoing project. This one will be completed in late Summer. And then I'll be taking sign-ups for another one.

I, too, am a fabric lover...and proud of it! If it wasn't because of all the friendly, loving woman I've meet online ( and a few in person) I don't know if I ever would of discovered all the beautiful fabrics out there. Jess has many fabric lines in her store, and they are all gorgeous. I love the feel of quality material.

So pop over and join us make some new friends, discover some new fabrics, and have a good time!



Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Swappers' Choice" Summer Fabric Swap Coming Soon!

A new fabric swap is starting soon on the Q&N Forum!

I am Pat and I love fabric.

This is the second fabric swap I have run on the Q&N. Nola is my co-hostess. Jess is our fearless leader, who lets me collect and send the fabric. Thanks, Nola and Jess!

We just completed the Spring Flower Fabric Swap. To see a sampling of the fabrics in this swap wander through the fabric garden here in our album here:
We are now just starting our quilts and are still swapping pattern ideas here in the Spring Swap Thread:
There are a lot of pages here, and the patterns are scattered throughout, but this will give you an idea of how our fabric swaps run if you have never done one before.

For the summer swap I opened a thread for suggestions and we discussed themes and different sizes of cuts to swap.

For the next two weeks, until April 7th, there will be two polls open to decide the Summer Swap.

Poll 1: The Fabric Cut ...
.. looks right now like we may be swapping homemade "Layer Cakes" of sets of 10 squares of 10" squares. :-)


Poll 2: The Theme ...
... this one looks a little closer. :-)

After the swappers decide what we are swapping, a thread will be opened for sign-ups. The hand-cut sets will be mailed to me by about the end of May and I will swap and send them back out in mid-June. Dates for the swap will be set when the sign-ups are opened.

To participate, you must be an active member of the Quilt and Needle Forum.

New members are always welcome to participate in swaps.

If you have questions, stop in the forum threads and ask.

As Jess will always say ... "Don't be a stranger."

Have a happy, quilty day, :-) Pat

Thursday, March 19, 2009

March Happenings


We are all back from the Q&N Retreat in Tomball, Texas, and feeling happy and quilty and ready for more sewing fun. For those of you who have never thought of attending a quilting retreat, I have to say I was once one of you. Last year when I had recently joined the Quilt and Needle forums, I thought ... "look at these crazy ladies going to Texas just to sew with each other." Now I am one of them. ;-) I had a "fabulous" time and am already looking forward to next year! I hope you will consider joining us. When Jess posts sign-ups for next year, be sure to get your deposit in early to save your place.

To get to know some of us better, just drop in my favorite thread on the forums .. the "Good Day to You" thread and start posting ... This thread is my favorite because I love the idea that these quilters take the time to stop and say hello and keep up with what is happening in each other's quilty corners of the world. New members are always welcome.

For March Happenings ...

This Saturday, March 21st, for National Quilting Day we are having our third monthly "Sew For Yourself Saturday" here ...
To join us just stop into the thread and say hello and tell us what you are currently working on. We love pictures, too!

A little about me ...

I have been quilting constantly for the last three plus years when the nesting instinct hit in reverse and I decided my baby had to have a quilt made by Mom to take with her to the dorm when she went off to college. I bought a "learn to quilt" magazine; she picked out enough fat quarters and fabric for two quilt tops and the rest is history. I am a self-taught quilter and I have found the Quilt and Needle a very valuable resource for sharing tips and tricks and patterns and just friendship.

I also love to share my stash.

I am Pat; I am a fabriholic and I admit it. ;-)

Most recently I organized a large Sweet 16s Swap of flower fabrics. To see the eye candy fabrics we swapped, visit this album ... The last of the fabric is arriving at their new homes and soon I hope there will be quilt pictures added to this album.

For our next fabric swap I am taking suggestions and will be running a poll for the swappers choice. To get involved and to share your ideas, visit this thread ...
You are most welcome to join us!

Keep checking the forum and this blog for new March Happenings soon to be announced!

Have a happy, quilty day ... :-) Pat