Sunday, May 16, 2010

Awww, Spring again...

At least it is for me. My family and I have moved into a dream spot for us. We are up out of the valley now, into the pines of the mtns. At 3500 ft in elevation, it's just perfect. The kids and I get the snow we love to play in, and Daddy still gets a decent growing season for our veggies.

So I am getting Spring weather all over again. Which is fine with me, I love Spring. All the beautiful flowers are starting to bloom. I have purple and yellow Iris's and lots of red rose bushes. These were already planted here. So now I get the fun of finding more flowers to go with all these.

Planting flowers is kind of like putting together a patchwork quilt. LOL. You pick your colors that go well together, and put them in a pleasing pattern. So Spring flowers always make me want to choose lovely Spring colors and flowers for my quilts and things that I make.

Lately I have got the bag 'bug'. I just love making bags! Hand bags, tote bags, grocery bags...there are so many beautiful patterns out there. Here is my laptop bag. I used the gorgeous Roses Fabrics from Jackie Robinson, of Maywood.

Her fabrics are so lushish!! I just love roses.

Speaking of Jackie Robinson, are any of you doing her quilt block challenge? That was what I was working on last month. I am so excited!! Thanks to Jess and her Mom, Connie, here at the Q&N, I have found my inner self who has been just dying to make my own patterns. Thank you Jess and Connie!!! (Wish me lucky everyone, please!) Here is Jackie's contest:

Ok, bag to the bags...
On the Q&N yesterday we had a Saturday Special. That's where Cindy will decide upon a theme, or maybe share a pattern, and we all do it and share pictures, etc. Yesterday's theme was handbags. Here is the link to that thread:

I shared a bag that I made a pattern for. It was just a sample bag, now I have to work out the kinks and remake it. I love my black leather purse, but it is showing signs of wear. So I am trying to copy it a bit, not exactly, but close. Here it is:

It's still missing it's strap, but I was too busy with sick kids yesterday to finish it.

We are also gearing up for next months Mystery quilt. So hope on over and join us, Jess's mysteries are wonderful! And it's only $9.95 to do one!!

Hope to see you soon!!