Thursday, December 27, 2012

Winter Mystery Quilt Weekend 2012

Winter Mystery Quilt Weekend
December 28th & 29th, 2012
"A Quilt for All Seasons"
Start by choosing one of the four season’s (all four season’s quilt patterns are included in the instructions, but I suggest you choose one for the weekend). If you would like for the quilt to be more generic and not directly coordinated with a season, choose Winter (or possibly Spring) and put in whatever colors that float your boat. Summer would also be great for a little girl… just sayin’.

Each individual season’s quilt is 65" x 65". For a fun, king size quilt, you might like to make all four (in colors that don’t clash, of course) and sew them together to make a king size QUILT FOR ALL SEASONS! If doing all four with the intent to combine them to make a large King size quilt, think of your finished quilt as a large four patch. Plan your backgrounds and coordinating fabrics accordingly.

For each of the four season’s, Fabric A is the background color. It touches all of the other fabrics and should not, therefore, be too similar to any of the other fabrics.

Fabric Requirements
You need 1/2 yard for binding and 4 yards for the backing of each individual season’s quilt. Below I have provided examples of fabrics that would work in the quilts. These are the fabrics I would pick for my quilts, but feel free to alternate from my examples. If you have questions about the fabrics you choose, please feel free to email me. I am here to help!

The cutting chart will be released late next week. It is short and easily completed in a short evening or morning (assuming you pick one of the four).


Try a floral for Fabric B. I like green for Fabric C, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use another color.


Summer is good with a large floral background (Fabric A), and coordinating solid/tonal colors with it. I like a dark neutral for C… grey, black, brown.

Think Autumn colors: golden, dark purple, burnt orange, crimson, woody brown.

The fabrics should gradate in value. That is, Fabrics A-D can be lightest to darkest or vice versa. I like it in cool colors (blues, turquoises, purples, or aquas) with either a bright white or very dark background. Another color way I enjoy uses a red background and gradating yellows for B-C.

**NOTE** Your background (Fabric A) can be pieced of several different fabrics if you wish but your fabrics should be similar in colors, tones and values. As an example of a pieced background that would be appropriate for this design, take a peek at this quilt that forum member Denise "scraphappydenise" made - the block backgrounds show exactly the kind of "look" you should aim for your quilt.

Jess and I hope everyone has fun with this new pattern and look forward to seeing YOUR quilt!