Thursday, April 30, 2009

Visit Our Shop!

April is coming to a close and our Mother’s Day Swap Table Runners and monthly Charity Blocks for the Snug Society are going in the mail, but there are plenty of happenings going on at the Quilt and Needle.

Jess has a beautiful new line in the shop on pre-order!

Spring Hill by Robert Kaufman … she says these are due to arrive any day, so get your pre-order in now before the price goes up …

Don't miss out, as we think this fabric will be flying off the shelves!

Place your order here ...,46

Connie has a beautiful new Shanoa Designs pattern that is in the testing stage called Civil Life,

that will be coming out soon. I am thinking that this design would look fabulous in the new Spring Hill fabrics and Connie, the Design Diva, agrees. To read more about how these patterns are developed and to see the test quilts as they are being sewn, visit us on the Q&N Forum here:

For more of Connie’s wonderful patterns, such as the Mayan Mystery ...

… you can find this and other creations by Shanoa Quilt Designs in the pattern section of the Q&N Shop. I will be back soon with more of all that is happening at the Quilt and Needle. In the meantime, drop into the forum, join a swap, add some charity blocks to one of our quilts, or just tell us what is happening in your quilty corner of the world.

Have a Happy Quilty Day!

:-) Pat

Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Have you ever made a hexagon quilt? Grandma's flower garden is the most popular design people make with hexagon's. Last year I made a large hexagon quilt called Jacks Chain. Here is a link to the pattern that I used:

Mine was very colorful and a lot of fun to make. It really gives you practice on those Y seams!

Recently I started using some smaller hexagon's in a water color quilt. I found this fabulous pattern in a book by Jean and Valorie Wells. It's called " Everything flowers: quilts from the garden". These are more like the traditional Grandma's flower garden pattern, but the pattern is in a watercolor format. All my flower hexagons I made, I used fabric from the Quilt and Needles Spring Flower Swap. The picture is of 3 of my flowers I've been making. They are larger than the traditional hexagon flowers. Each petal is about 5" in from tip to opposite tip.

I guess my next step in hexagon's is doing a traditional sized Grandma's flower garden. We are talking about doing a swap with 4" squares, so that we can all make these beautiful little flowers. Many of the Ladies on the Q&N like to keep some hexagon's and sewing tools in a bag and take them on long trips in the car. They sew while their spouses drive. Or they take them to the Drs office, so they have something to keep their hands busy while waiting. Or to their childs musical concert or soccer game, etc. They are quick and fun to make.

Come join us on and join in the fun!

Have a lovely, quilty day (as my good friend Pat likes to say).