Saturday, March 5, 2011

It's March already

And those on the forum knows what that means....RETREAT! A quilting retreat for those lucky enough to go. From March 16th to the 21st, in Texas.

It also means a new mystery quilt though, can't wait for that! You can buy your pattern here.

March is going to bring in Spring. And we'll all welcome it with our mug rug swap.  A cute swap full of Spring fabrics.

I can't wait for my roses to start blooming and the wild flowers to start popping up. Right now my rose bushes are looking pretty sad. The cold snow we had the past few weeks has broken a lot of the vines. So once our chance of frost is gone, I'll get the snippers out and trim them up.

We also have a thread challenge going on. There are some very pretty projects in that thread.

But after that is over with.....we are going to start a "It's too pretty to cut" challenge!!! WOOOHOOO! This is a fun challenge/contest. In the past, we've done it with fabric that is...well .... just not our style. But what one person thinks of as Ugly, the next doesn't. So that was a lot of fun. In this challenge, we'll cut into a pretty piece of fabric we've been hoarding, one we just haven't been able to cut up. Look for a thread on the forum for that in the next few weeks.

Well that's what's going on around the forum. Hope you can hop over and spend some time with us.

Till next time...


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