Friday, March 18, 2011

Snow day = sewing and baking

Well it's another snow day here in Northern California. It's cold, and slushy and wont last long, but I am ready for some sunshine. It's looking like March is going to be a very wet month.

So, what do you do on a cold, snowy day?? You sew a fun mystery quilt and bake some yummy cinnamon rolls! At least, that's what I did today :)

Here is a few sneak peeks of Jess's mystery quilt this month. You still have time to buy the pattern, the fun starts tomorrow.

I know, not much of a peek...

Don't want to ruin the mystery though....

Sorry for the tease!! LOL

Speaking of mystery quilts. Did you know that Jess is one of the nominees for Pattern Designer, in the Golden Quilters Awards, put on my SewCalGal. You can go here, to vote (leave a comment on that post).

Have a great weekend!

And good luck Jess!!

Till next time,



Pat V. said...

You're right, not much of a peak, but I adore those little green hearts!

Rebecca P said...

It snowed here too, very pretty but I am so tired of it.
Can't wait to see more of the mystery.