Thursday, February 24, 2011

Squaring the bottom of a bag

Squaring the bottom of a handbag or tote is easy to do. Here are two simple ways.

I like this first way, don't know why, they are both easy. But this is the way I tend to do it.

Put your fabrics right sides together. Pin and sew a 1/4" (or 1/2") on both sides and the bottom.

Cut out a square on both bottom corners. For smaller bags I cut a 2" square, for larger ones a 3".

Match the bottom seam to a side seam. Pinching the fabric together and pinning.

Sew a 1/4" seam in from the edge. Do this to both corners.

Turn right side out. And Ta-Da, your square bottom.

The second way to do this. Is super easy. Match your fabrics right sides together, pin and sew both sides and bottom.

But instead of cutting the corners, pinch the corner so that the bottom seam matches the side seam.

Mark a line where you want to sew. I went in only 1" on this bag, as it's only a 5" bag.

Sew and cut a 1/4" away from the seam.

Turn right side out.

You can see more pictures on this on my Library bag tutorial.

Have fun!

Till next time...

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Anonymous said...

Someday soon I am going to do all of your tutorials Dorian!! Love them. You are so awesome! - Jess