Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A smaller bag

Hello All,

I decided to make my library bag in a smaller size. The large one is great for families like mine, who do a lot of reading. But a smaller bag is good for elderly or busy parents with small ones in tow..LOL.

So I thought I'd see how easy it was to scale it down.

And it was easy! This one is 3" smaller height wise and length wise, and 4" smaller on the sides. A perfect size for smaller loads.


Here is another finished scrappy star. I call in Summer star...original yes?! LOL

It was made with scraps from my scrap basket too. You would think my basket would be looking less full...but it seems to be endless.

I was going to add some more 8 pt stars to the border. But I've come up with another scrappy quilt idea instead. So will be using those diamonds that are already cut out, for it.


Have you seen this website maryquilts ? She has some awesome scrap quilt patterns. All for free! I'm thinking a lot of these would be great for our charity quilts. It's given me lots of ideas. Thanks Mary!

Thats all from me today...

Till next time.


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Rebecca P said...

Love the smaller size book bag. Wow that scrap star is beautiful.