Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hello out there, I hope you all are enjoying your Summer. It's been hot for me, in the low 90s. But it's now 'cooled' down some and we even have a chance of Tstorms for the next few days. I love Summer on the Ridge!

Back in 2009, the Gals on the Q&N forum had a fabric swap. Well, we have had a LOT of fabric swaps. LOL, they are so much fun. In this case, we were swapping Sweet 16's. That's sixteen 9"x11" rectangles, all with the floral theme.

I cut my rectangles in 4, and made some 4" hexagons. I wanted them big, so that I can machine sew them together.

Then I sewed these down on some squares.

Those top three are going to go on my quilt-as-you go hexagon table runner. I need to buy some batting, then I can do a tute for I know you all love quilt-as-you-go runners :)

Then I made another one, to show you how my table mats are coming out.

I sandwhiched this top with backing and batting, and quilted it down. Then I started adding some borders.

Now it just needs some binding.

Let me know if you want me to take you step by step thru the quilt-as-you-go process :)

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