Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our first guest

Guest blogger that is.

Nola lives in Indiana, on a nice little farm. She has animals to attend to, and family all around her. Here is what she is doing for some Christmas gifts this year.

pillowcases, fleece blankets & pj’s - made with love by Grandma!

Guess I had too much fun earlier this year learning to make the Sausage Roll Pillowcases! Now my grand-girls have asked for pillowcases for Christmas – Monkey print for Lauren and Frog print for Caitlynn. My daughter decided her new man would like a set too, so I'm making Motorcycle pillowcases for Ryan – orange flames for the body with a motorcycle print for the cuff. And his two girls (soon to be my step-grand-girls) are both getting a set – wild colorful print for Ashlyn and something with lots of blue for Hayllie.

My son John collects military trucks (not scale model ones – the huge full-size things!) He has two from the Korean war era – an M211 6 x 6 and an M37/42 radio command truck. Also has an M715 from the Viet Nam war, complete with a bullet hole in the hood. While at a fabric store last weekend I found this really cute camo flannel with little army trucks on it! Yep, you guessed it! John is getting camo pillowcases for Christmas!

And fleece blankets!! OH MY! I can't see the top of my dining room table for the stacks of fleece waiting to be converted into blankets! This all started when my Esther made a motorcycle print fleece blanket for Ryan for his birthday. His family saw it and now they all want blankets – a snowman blanket for Grandma, a West Virginia sports blanket for Grandpa (he's from West Va.), a log cabin in the snow for Ryan's mom, a Farmall tractor blanket for my hubby's boss, and a red plaid for my John. There's even one just for me - pink and brown plaid! Ryan's girls want to learn how to make the knotted fleece blankets, so Esther bought fleece for them – she and I will get the fringe cut, then she will give them the fleece for Christmas – sort of a “do-it-yourself” Christmas gift!

And then there are the pajamas for the little girls! They were walking through the fabric department at Wal-Mart singing “Llama, llama, pink pajamas” (guess it's a story the youngest girl learned in school)! Caitie found frog flannel and Lauren spied the monkey flannel – so I guess I'll be sewing up some pj’s too!

Sigh! Guess I'll have to put all my quilt projects and plans on the back burner 'til after Christmas! Not even sure I'll have time to put up the Christmas tree! I'm off now to start cutting out all those pillowcases!"

Thank you Nola, sounds like you are pretty busy! Can't wait to see your creations.

Have a great day all,

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