Friday, August 6, 2010

Table Runners

It looks like the year of the table runner in my house. Since table runners are smaller versions of quilts, it's much easier to get them finish and displayed, than a bed sized quilt :)

Here are some sneak peaks at the three I've been working on this Summer. One of them is one it's way to Australia. My table runner swap partner lives there. I don't want to show the whole thing off yet, as I don't want her to see it till she gets it.

The other two are for some good friends of mine. Again, I don't want them to see the whole thing yet, so that's why the sneak peeks only.

Looks like I still need lots of practice in the applique area...I'm sure my friend will love it anyways....don't friends always?!

One of these days, I'll make one or two to go on my own table :) I just enjoy making things for others.

I like flower fabrics, can you tell? The top runner is made with the Roses line of fabrics by Jackie Robinson. I just love this line! The roses are so beautiful.

The second runner also has some Maywood flowers, some from the He Loves Me Too line, and some from Little Lulu. Maywood is one of my favorite manufactorers.

The bottom runner has some of my favorite fabric in it also. Connie, from here at the Q&N, hand dyed the blue and green fabrics. They are SO lovely and soft!

What do you have on your table?

Till next time...



The Quilt and Needle said...

Dorian, I am totally amazed with some of your photos recently. Love the artsy feel! - Jess

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