Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day

I hope you all are having a lovely day. Full of laughter and fun. It's chilly here in N. Cal. But no snow in the valley, just up on the mountains. A good day for hanging out in the sewing room. I have been getting some projects done and out the door. Making room for more :)

On the Q&N, we make baby quilts for our expecting Moms or for our members Grandchildren. The latest one, I've just finished putting Prairie points on and got it sent off. This is for BJ's newest Granddaughter, born just a few weeks ago. Isn't is precious!

We've also started making quilts for our charity groups again. We are going into our 3rd year doing this! We have three different charity organizations that we make quilts for. We have volunteers to make the blocks, donate the batting and backing, someone pieces it and another quilts it. I am so proud to be part of this great group of Woman who devote some of their precious sewing time to making quilts for needy children, families and Veterans. We've made over 100 quilts so far!!!

And I've been working on a border for a round robin medallion that I have. We have started our second robin and are just having a blast. We have 3 groups, and my group is going fast, as two of the Ladies in it are expecting babies later in the year, and we want to get these done before they have bundles of joy to care for :)

On the personnal front, I am being remiss in getting my window quilt done. My excuse is that I just don't have the right fabric to finish it :) Maybe I'll have to do some shopping to see what I can find. I have ordered 3 patterns though, that I would like to do sometime this year. And I am anxiously awaiting our next Mystery quilt, which will be next month. If you haven't done one of Jess's mysteries, now is the time to start. Her's are always gorgeous!

So many patterns, so little my good friend Pat is always saying. I hope you find something crafty to do with your day. Enjoy it and enjoy your family.

Till next time,



Anonymous said...

I'm totally confused. While searching for Robert Kaufman fabrics in my area I "discovered" your shop in my neighborhood in C.S., yet your blog says you are located in N.California. Are you a shop in C.S. or not?

The Quilt and Needle said...

We are an online only store. Visit us at to see which fabrics we carry. We have a few moderators that help with all sorts of tasks here at The Quilt and Needle, including blogging. One of our moderators is in N. California. :)

Our mailing address is in Wellborn, so that is why your search is telling you we are near your neighborhood. I suggest trying Lonestar Quiltworks in Bryan, Tx. They have a fabulous collection of fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for clearing that up a bit. Believe me, I know Lonestar Quiltworks!