Saturday, January 9, 2010

To make a resolution...or not...

Here's hoping you all had a wonderful Holiday season. Now is the time that people start thinking about resolutions. I've never been a resolution type gal myself...but yesterday I was sitting on my bed contemplating all the beautiful quilt tops I have. And I started thinking that maybe it's time to make a resolution to get them all quilted.

I have ELEVEN tops that need quilting! I am not a machine quilter. I own two sewing machines and they are both about 100 yrs old. I love sewing with these machines. They are strong and built to last! But I've never been good at actually quilting on them. Piecing yes, quilting no. And besides that, I enjoy hand quilting. I can sit and rest my weary bod and do something useful at the same time. The problem is, this past year I've had a lot of physical problems, and they are not letting me do much hand quilting. Hence, a bunch of I just can't resist testing Jess's beautiful quilt patterns!

I took all my tops and laid them out one by one on the bed. And I've decided that I love each and every one of them. The next one always seem to be my 'favorite'. And I have tons of ideas as to color for making these quilts all over again. The patterns are fabulous! So what's a girl to do?.....Go on making more tops, and hope one day I can quilt them all!! LOL

We have a new swap starting on the forum. An Easter one, full of colorful fabric eggs and chocolate bunnies We would love for you to join us.

The Round robin is also off to a good start. I've finished my first border already...I am weeks early!....but it's so much fun. I just couldn't have this darling medallion sitting around without doing something with it. We have 3 different groups going, 6 or 7 people in each group. You can visit our albums and see the medallions and follow along with their progress here:

Our Round robin we completed last year is one of my quilt tops I was admiring yesterday. I am considering making a window quilt out of cover our window in the living room. Then not only would I have a heavy curtain to keep the cold out...but it would be a beautiful quilt on the wall to admire too....decisions, decisions...make a resolution to get these beauties quilted...or just going on making more to add to the pile! ...maybe a little of both... :)

Happy quilting to you all.



Cindy said...

dorian, i recently did the same thing . . . taking inventory of tops that need to be quilted and blocks to make tops to be quilted . . . i quit after i reached 18 ;) *giggle*giggle*

The Quilt and Needle said...

I don't even want to start counting!