Monday, June 29, 2009

Patterns and their fabric

Well the mystery weekend is over with. I hope that you all enjoyed the pattern and the pictures of progress from those making the quilt. If you missed out, you can still see our progress here:

It wasn't until Jess started a store and made a forum to go with it, that I got interested in mystery quilts. The hardest part is choosing the fabrics. As you don't know what the quilt is going to look like, you might wonder if the fabrics you picked are going to look good. I usually go with my gut instinct on this one. Jess is great at letting you know if fabric A has to contrast well with another fabric, or if B should be a big print or a solid, light or dark. That really helps a lot. It's amazing how fabrics will slightly change the way a pattern looks. You sometimes can see a pattern within a pattern, using various lights and darks.

Many patterns are made up of two or three different block patterns, that gives the quilt a nice zing to it. And is usually where you'll find the pattern within the pattern. For instance, our March mystery this year used pinwheels and snails trails block patterns, the quilt turned out beautiful! Great design.

So get those creative juices flowing and try something a little different. Mix your colors up a bit, choose a few block patterns that will flow together and see what you come up with. And if you need some help, just come on over for inspiration, friendship and laughter... and Jess always has some great patterns for sale if you just need a bit of guidance.

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