Wednesday, March 25, 2009

"Swappers' Choice" Summer Fabric Swap Coming Soon!

A new fabric swap is starting soon on the Q&N Forum!

I am Pat and I love fabric.

This is the second fabric swap I have run on the Q&N. Nola is my co-hostess. Jess is our fearless leader, who lets me collect and send the fabric. Thanks, Nola and Jess!

We just completed the Spring Flower Fabric Swap. To see a sampling of the fabrics in this swap wander through the fabric garden here in our album here:
We are now just starting our quilts and are still swapping pattern ideas here in the Spring Swap Thread:
There are a lot of pages here, and the patterns are scattered throughout, but this will give you an idea of how our fabric swaps run if you have never done one before.

For the summer swap I opened a thread for suggestions and we discussed themes and different sizes of cuts to swap.

For the next two weeks, until April 7th, there will be two polls open to decide the Summer Swap.

Poll 1: The Fabric Cut ...
.. looks right now like we may be swapping homemade "Layer Cakes" of sets of 10 squares of 10" squares. :-)


Poll 2: The Theme ...
... this one looks a little closer. :-)

After the swappers decide what we are swapping, a thread will be opened for sign-ups. The hand-cut sets will be mailed to me by about the end of May and I will swap and send them back out in mid-June. Dates for the swap will be set when the sign-ups are opened.

To participate, you must be an active member of the Quilt and Needle Forum.

New members are always welcome to participate in swaps.

If you have questions, stop in the forum threads and ask.

As Jess will always say ... "Don't be a stranger."

Have a happy, quilty day, :-) Pat

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