Tuesday, September 4, 2007

In the beginning...

After much ado and further consideration, I have decided that the best way for The Quilt and Needle patrons to stay connected is through a blog. So, here it is!


The Quilt and Needle is designed as a friendly online quilting pub. What is a quilting pub you ask? Well, that is simple. If you have ever been to a neighborhood tavern, pub, or other gathering hole, then you understand that the friendships and camaraderie found in these places is amazing. Your fellow patrons become friends and companions that you share some of your most enjoyable moments with. Entertainment, gossip, and support are provided all around, as well as good food and drink. My most treasured moments as a quilter have been in the company of my quilting friends, locally and abroad. Therefore, I wanted a place where quilters from around the world could come after work, after the kids have gone to bed, early in the morning, in the middle of a long day, or whenever, to enjoy the company of others who share their interest. I found myself longing for a neighborhood pub with quilters in mind, a place I could share moments with the most kindred spirits found in the quilting world. If I built it here in my town though, how would my friends from Australia and England come each day? This led me to the world wide web, and eventually to blogging. So come on in, make some friends.

As a member of an online quilting guild, I enjoy the projects I share with my friends across the globle. I have always wished for a place that we could find some of the items needed for our projects (kits, fabric, etc.) in a common location, as we often try to coordinate colors and prints for swaps, etc. The Quilt and Needle store will provide project kits, fabric, and other quilting supplies for the projects that we enjoy together. However, if you join one of our projects, it is not required that you buy your supplies from The Quilt and Needle store. The store is there for your convenience, and for your shopping pleasure.

P.S. We are pet friendly!! Come on in, all of God's Creatures!


Connie said...

What a wonderful combination; good friends and good fabric all in one cozy location. And if I can bring my little Doxie Nate along then I'm going to stick around. :)


buggalugs said...

Ohhhhhhhh a new place to lay my hat :):) I just know I am going to love it here :):)


Debbie said...

Hi - I am a quilter from Canberra, Australia. I also belong to blockcentral and have done for awhile although I do not post there much. Read it almost daily though - have learnt sssooo much.
A year late - and have just finished the 2006 BOM - Nine Patch Nirvana!(only single bed size though).
Looking forward to joining your 'pub'. I like pubs - as do most Aussies - :-)))

Holyrowly said...

I can't wait for the internet store to open!

I wanna do the Block of the Month!

Jess said...

Debbie from Australia - Thanks for posting! We can't wait to see you around. The site is under construction but we are working hard to get it up and running. I would have responded to you via e-mail or on your blog, but I am new to this and have not found one for you!

I started the 2007 BOM, and have not done one block. Only cut most of the fabric. Sooo, we are in the same boat there!

Don't be a stranger!

Jess said...

Connie, buggs, and HowlyRoly - my dear friends from BC! Thanks for coming around and supporting this. I have changed the setting so anyone can post, without registering and I think that will make it more convenient. Please keep visiting us, the activity will only increase as time goes by!!

Don't be strangers!

Anonymous said...


I'm really looking forward to your internet store being open too.


Oknana said...

Looking forward to your site being up and running and I can start doing some shopping!

sarah said...

Welcome to Blogging!