Thursday, April 25, 2013

Guest Blogger: Saturday Special...coming in May!

Howdy Everyone! It's been a long time since I've posted here. Having a 1yr means a lot less time :)

I wanted to tell you about our Saturday Special on the forum next month, May 18th.

We will be making my Pats' Gems pattern. Go here to see the original one.

But for this Saturday Special, I changed it slightly. Instead of  4x6 rows, it is 6x8 rows and doesn't have the pieced border. It is roughly 54" x 70".

This is a charm pack friendly pattern, or you can use a layer cake, yardage or scraps! 

For this pattern you will need:

Seventy-five 5" squares, in five different colors. They don't have to be the same shade. For example, for my blue color I used a medium blue, a light blue and one that has a white background with blue flowers on it.

 10 green
  9 pink
12 purple
24 blue
20 orange

 And 2.5 yrds of contrasting background fabric. Cut this into seventy-five 5" squares, forty 4.5" squares and six 3.5"x wof for the borders.

If you have FQ's, you can use them too. Here's the rundown on them...Thanks Pat! Cut into 5" squares.

1 green
1 pink
1 purple
2 blue
2 orange

I hope you all will come and join us on May 18th. I'll put a pdf up on the forum. We'll have  a thread so we can show off our fabric choices and show our progress.

Have a great day!


Scrapatches said...

Thanks, Dorian, for sharing this wonderful pattern with all of us! ... :) Pat

Anonymous said...

Dorian, looking forward to your Saturday Special Weekend!