Friday, June 24, 2011

Baby quilts

The Gals and I on the forum love making baby quilts. They are small, lovely and fun to do together. If a member is expecting a Grandchild, or niece/nephew/etc. then we all pitch in and make a quilt. We have volunteers to make blocks, send in backing/batting/binding and border fabric, one for piecing, one for quilting.

This is one of my favorite patterns to put together. It is SO CUTE. Especially the soft pastels on the white.

We got the free pattern from quiltpox, thank you!

The pattern is simple, just these two blocks.

I have to add the small white border, then I can ship it off to another member for quilting.

Do you like to make baby quilts too? What is your favorite pattern?

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sameer said...

WOWWW awesome collection of Quilts here. Thanks for sharing.
I also found some brilliant stuff on:

chaltom said...

Love looking at quilts they are so unique. I like to quilt and get new ideas for mine.