Sunday, October 31, 2010

I've been busy

After testing all of Jess's beautiful quilt patterns, for the past 4 yrs! (well, almost, I can't believe it's been that long!) I have decided to give my hand a try at pattern making. Like a lot of you, I have patterns bouncing around my head, trying to get out :)

So the past few weeks I've been working on those. I have 2 baby quilt tops all done, now I need to do some quilting on them and finish writing the patterns up. And one more I'm working on. They are easy, fun and stash busting! Here is a sneak peak at them.

I also have 4 'big' people quilt patterns and at least 3 bag patterns that I am trying to get written up. I am going to be making some, and selling least, that is the plan. Wish me luck :)

Over on the forum, we had a delightful mystery quilt weekend. If you missed it, you'll have another chance in a few weeks. I think it's the second weekend in Nov. So mark your calendars and come play. It's another fabulous pattern by Jess!

Our round robins from this year are starting to trickle home. I got my beautiful one in the mail a few days ago. I just LOVE IT. The Ladies did a fantastic job on it. Here's a picture.

Isn't it beautiful?


We are finally getting some cold weather at my house, no snow yet, but lots of rain. It's the perfect time to sit at the sewing machine, feel the woodstove crackling at my back, and sip hot tea or cocoa.

I hope you can come see us on the forum, and join in the fun sometime.

Till next time.


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Rebecca P said...

Your sneek peek at your patterns look interesting. Can't wait to see all of them.
Your round robin turned out so pretty. Where do you plan to put it? Round robins are so much fun.