Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Fun of March

March seems to be the time when the quilting bug starts really hitting. There are retreats and quilt shows popping up all over the place. Must be Springtime. Unfortantely, my LQS just recently closed, I have to drive an hour North or South to get to a quilt store. Not only that, but the local quilt guild only puts on a show every other year.

So hear I am, listening to the talk of the Ladies on the Q&N who went to Tomball to the retreat Jess has there every year. Wanting to go to a quilt show. Or at least go browse a shop. Guess it's time for a town trip :) Another of our members was talking about a local shop hop she went on. How fun is that! I need to find an area nearby that does those. And then I remember, and see ads for, the online shop hop. Cool, at least I can go window shopping on my computer.

I am having a great time. Finding new stores, and seeing all the new fabs and gadgets coming out. I'm going to try real hard to find most the bunnies too. I've decided to make folders on my favorites list, one for each of my favorite designers/manufacturers. The stores that I find on the shop hop that have a lot of my favorties for good prices, go into a folder. My favorites list has grown quite a bit in the last few days. LOL.

More fun in March. Jess always has a mystery quilt when she goes to the retreat. If you haven't tried one of her mystery quilts yet, you are really missing out. She is a fabulous designer! I choose bright, Spring colors for my mystery this year. And it sure does bring in the sunshine.

And to top that off, we are having a lovely 1930's repro fabric swap! I've just ordered my fabric (found it when I was shop hopping ) and can't wait to get a bunch of lovelies back. I have a great pattern for a hexagon table cloth that would look adorable in these.

Have fun hopping and shopping. Don't forget to stop in Jess's store and look at her yummy fabric kits.

Till next time.



Sophie said...

Thanks for your great blog. You mentioned the quilt bug biting, and all the quilt shows popping up. I work for the American Quilter's Society, and just wanted to let you know about their membership package (if you didn't know already). One of the perks of the $25 membership is that you receive a $13 discount off each show you attend. That is a huge deal, especially considering all the other perks you receive as a member.

Check it out:

Thanks again for you awesome blog. Keep up the great work!

The Quilt and Needle said...

Thank you Sophie, I'll go check it out. Sounds like a great deal!