Saturday, January 17, 2009

Off to a good start

We are off to a great start on the Q&N. There are lots of swaps going on now, a bit of something for everyone.

Our Round Robin has started, the sign up date has passed. So we are all getting together our medallions and are anxiously getting them put together. Round robins are one of my very favorite quilts to put together. I really enjoy getting someone else's work and having to put a border on it. It helps to stretch my creativity level and makes me look outside my box. Some colors I wouldn't think would go well together, and they end up looking lovely. And trying to find just the right border for a medallion is fun. It's a little scary too, of course. Not knowing if the border or colors you chose will be liked and appreciated. But I find that if you do your best and have fun, then the recipent is happy with their finished quilt. I love being surprised and not seeing any of the borders on my medallion until it is all finished. Then it's like opening a gift that you weren't expecting.

Pat has gotten another fun swap going. This one is Sweet sixteen pieces of fabric. A 9x11 inch piece of lovely spring flowers. You have 16 in a set and you choose how many sets you want to do. I can't wait to get all my lovely flowers!

Cindy is off and running with a table runner for Mothers Day swap. Where you and a partner make table runners for each other. That one sounds like a lot of fun, but I just wont have time to finish one, so I haven't joined in.

There is talk of quite a few more swaps. Color strips, and a where you live block. Plus a lot of others things going on. We are off to a great start with our charity quilts. I hope we can keep the momentum going this year. We made a lot of quilts for charity organizations last year. Makes a person feel good inside. What I am really waiting for is the Spring Mystery quilt coming in March. These are always lots of fun and the patterns are just wonderful. I love seeing the different color combinations that people come up with, and then watching them come together when people post pictures of their progress.

Well, enough chatter for now. ...There is lots more of that on the!


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Pat B said...

Dorian ... The Q&N Blog is off to a nice start here, too, with your interesting post!

Thanks for the shout out for the "Sweet Sixteens Spring Flower Swap." For more information and to sign-up for this and the Round Robin and Table Runner Swaps, look under the "Member Led Swaps" area on the Quilt and Needle Forum.

Hope to see you on the forum,

:-) Pat