Saturday, September 22, 2012

Next weekend’s mystery quilt is 79” x 89” – perfect for a full size bed and just in time for Autumn. By the way, Clothworks (a fabric manufacturer) is profiling this pattern on the COVER of their sales boards for International Quilt Market in Houston. Whoop!! So tell your friends to join us next weekend for a sneak preview of this design, one month before shop owners even see it! Just have them visit The Quilt and Needle to sign up.

Here’s a generous estimate of what you need, including borders and binding (I’m trying out a way to save some fabric, but this will definitely cover it):

A – 2-3/4 yards
B – 2-5/8 yards
C – 1-3/8 yards
D – 1 yard
E – 7/8 yard
F – ¾ yard

How to pick your fabrics:

Major hint: Fabric A is the background fabric.

A and B can be two shades of the same color (ex. A is a dark grey and B is a medium grey). They do NOT have to be drastically different, but some difference is preferred.

Using black for B is a really cool idea. J

Personally, I am not jazzed about a single jump-off-the-quilt-and-smack-you-in-the-eyes POP color for this particular design. If I absolutely had to pick a place for a pop color… I guess I would put it at C. And I would use yellow. But that’s just me! Yellow is my fav color afterall. (Don’t take me too literally here, C does NOT have to be yellow. I just like yellow and think the world would be a happier place with more yellow in it!)

You can use three different fabrics for D, E, and F, OR you can use one fabric for all three!

If you want to make this scrappy, use dark scrappy colors for A, and light scrappy colors for D, E, and F (or vice versa). For best results, do not make B or C scrappy.

Prints… hmmmm… If you have a large print you like for this, use it for A OR D, E, and F. It wouldn’t work as B or C. I designed this pattern using tonal fabrics that read almost solid. Solids would work really well, as would any line of blenders. Varying smaller prints with blenders would be nice too, it’s just not going to show off this cool design quite as well.

Why yes, a monochromatic color scheme would work well!

I have attached a pic of a few color ways that I like for this design as an example (these would have been my kits if I’d carried them this time around). The images show the fabric examples in order, A-F. Y’all, a ton of variations would work with this pattern. If you want me to take a look at the fabrics you choose, just send me a pic. I am here to help!
The cutting chart will be released early next week via email. Subscribe at The Quilt and Needle.
Piece out,